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Hello everyone

Well, this has been a very strange and unsettling year for us all but I am thrilled that we have managed to get back to CLOKS- even if it has only been for a short time. It is lovely to see a few new faces and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of our new members. You are seeing a very different CLOKS so please bear with us. I am hopeful and confident that we will all soon be able to get back together as one happy group and rehearse and perform as normal. Thank you also to all the existing members who have adapted so well and have made all the new people so welcome. I must also extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to all our helpers and adults who have stuck with us and continued to support us with enthusiasm and professionalism. You are all amazing and I can’t thank you enough!



Sadly after weeks of planning, writing guidelines, and rehearsing we are once again thrown into a lock down which means we can no longer continue to get together. We had great plans to record the show with costumes, lights and a set but unfortunately time is against us and we have to scale down our plans. I am ever the optimist and am not quite prepared to throw in the towel just yet so…The new plan is as follows- we would like you to keep learning the songs.  We will then get together for a sing through on Thursday 3rd December in our separate bubbles. On Friday evening we would like to record the songs in front of a festive background with a few lights and put this onto our website with a facility for parents and friends to give us a small donation if they can. Our Christmas show is usually a fund-raiser for our main show next year and as we have sadly lost money from The King and I, it would be nice to recoup a few funds. We will be asking everyone to come dressed in a festive Christmas jumper (we have a few upstairs if anyone hasn’t got one) or something green/red.  As this will be classed as a ‘performance’ we can all come together as long as we socially distance and sing facing the front. If the lockdown is extended then sadly we will have to admit defeat and leave it for this year. I will be in touch via Facebook and the website with more details once we have a clearer idea of when this will end.



At the moment we are still planning a full performance as usual in The Guild Hall in Chard. Obviously no one knows what the situation will be like next year but I am keeping my fingers crossed we can keep going. 

 We will be holding auditions in January and I will post all information on the website as soon as we can obtain scripts.  We have decided to perform ‘Aladdin’ – this will be the junior Disney version (not a pantomime). It does, however, have a slight panto feel and as many local pantos are cancelled this year this will be no bad thing. It is fun, vibrant, colourful and has great music. There is the potential for some great dancing as well as lovely costumes. The music is a mixture of the Disney original and the film remake. If you follow this link  you will able to listen to snippets of the songs and read the plot. The audition format will depend a lot on the restrictions in place in January but I am hoping we can have a workshop and open auditions as usual.

The dates of the show are as follows:

Thursday 1st July, Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd (evening and matinee).

You will also need keep the following dates free for rehearsals (as well as our usual Saturday sessions) : Wednesday 30th June, Tuesday 29th June, Sunday 27th June and Sunday 20th June. It is really important that we have full attendance at these last few rehearsals as it makes it very tricky with cast members missing. I do understand that this is a huge commitment and will get very tiring especially for our younger members so I will do my very best to keep finish times as early as I can. For those of you who are  new to CLOKS all these dates and times may seem quite extreme but we have been following the same format for nearly fourteen years and it works for us. It can be a very full on week for everyone and we all get tired. If you have a younger child and you don’t think they will be able to cope, please speak to me and we could talk about the possibility of them being in the first half of the show only and leaving in the interval. It would be shame for them to miss a second half and curtain call but better that than to be totally exhausted and be put off CLOKS for life!



We usually hold our AGM in November but will have to postpone until lock down ends. We will let you know as soon as we have a new date. We would need a few volunteers to be part of this (in a socially distanced way of course) as it is not enough to just have the committee members there. Everyone is welcome. 



I understand that this is a difficult one, especially at the momen,t but moving forward we will be in great need of parents, friends etc. becoming more involved and helping especially during show week and on our committee. A lot of the existing committee is made up of parents of children who have moved on. They are there because they love CLOKS and it has made a real difference to the lives of their children. We have youngsters who are in their mid twenties who still talk fondly of their CLOKS days/shows and friendships have been forged and continue to thrive from their time together. None of this would have been able to take place without a strong team of people willing to give up their time to help. We are incredibly lucky to have  a great production team who give us great lighting, sound, props etc. but we will soon need new committee members: someone to help Jo with costumes, someone to take on Child Protection and Safe Guarding, front of house volunteers and chaperones during show week. Without any of the above CLOKS will simply fizzle out as the existing people hang up their hats. Please, please have a good think about this and if you want to see CLOKS continue then new people are going to have to come forward. 

We held a lovely get together and informal evening back along so everyone could come along and see what CLOKS is all about, sadly another event like this is simply not going to be possible at the moment but if you are interested in becoming more involved then please just get in touch. We have such fun and we really are a big happy family. We all support each other and are totally united by wanting to reach out to help not only our own children but children from all ages and backgrounds. CLOKS has helped so many children to improve their confidence and self esteem, work as a team and of course get the thrill of being able to perform under the lights and immerse themselves in a world of total magic. Come and join our crazy team and I promise you won’t regret it.


In the meantime, stay safe and positive if you can. 

With very best wishes from me and all the CLOKS team.