Hi Everyone. I hope you are all well, rehearsals are going very well and all our new members are settling in brilliantly – yes, it’s all a little different but that’s not going to stop us!
We are looking at recording our show this year and setting up a ‘Just giving’ donation page as this will be our fund raiser for the main show next year.
The show is called ‘How Christmas Came to Be’ and is a series of sketches and songs.
The exciting news is that we will be filming with a set. costumes, sound and lights (in Crowhsute House) on the dates that we would normally be doing our show. I will make sure that you all get this in writing but as a heads up this is what we have planned:
Thursday 2nd Dec- tech set up- NO children/cast needed
Friday 3rd December – 6.-9.30 pm- recording of some scenes (cast please keep this date free)
Saturday 4th December 10.00- 4pm ( a morning session for one bubble and an afternoon for the other- we will confirm asap)
Sunday 5th December 10- 2- additional recording and scene repeats where necessary. (please all keep free as we aren’t sure who will be needed yet. If all goes to plan we may not need this time but as this is a new experience for all of us we need to err on the side of caution)
This is going to be an exciting and different approach to our Christmas production and yet another aspect of the Performing Arts world that most of you will not have experienced. It should be great fun!
I am very excited and just pleased that we can keep going in some capacity! 🙂