COVID 19 – our latest news and guidelines

Hi everyone
Please see below for our new COVID-19 guideline document.(NB. this is the full document, a  summary is featured below- a copy of which will be given to your child on Saturday 3rd October)
Below is a link to the the latest Government guidelines for OOSS (Out of School settings)


Hi everyone and welcome back to CLOKS. We are all very excited to be back but a little apprehensive too. Please bear with us and be patient. We have put a number of guidelines in place which may seem strict and unnecessary to some of you, but we are following government guidelines and everything is for your safety and the safety of the adults around you. .

We will do our best to make CLOKS an enjoyable and positive experience for you, but there is no doubt that it will all be quite different to start with. Stick with us and we will all get used to it in due course!

If your child is unwell or showing any of the main COVID 19 symptoms (High temperature, new and continuous cough, loss of sense of taste/smell) then please do not attend the session. If any child or close relative tests positive for COVID 19 please let us know immediately and we will notify all other members/helpers . 

As a member of CLOKS we hold your personal details on file- should you choose not to stay with us those details have to be held for 21 days for track and trace purposes.


  • Children must enter Crowhsute at the usual entrance, taking note of the one way floor system. Hands must be sanitised on arrival. Sign in in an orderly line keeping 2m apart (if wearing face masks they can be kept on during this process) then proceed to the main hall and find a seat at the edge of the room. Leaving the stage area clear.
  • Parents must be contactable at all times in case a child feels unwell and needs to be sent home.
  •  All water bottles/snacks must be clearly named. 


  • There will be chairs for children to sit on around the room and we ask that wherever possible the children stick to the same chair per session.
  • Masks can be worn when not on stage but must not be left lying around. They must be placed on the chair or in a bag and taken home at the end of each session. When acting on the stage area it will not be practical or necessary to wear a mask.
  • Visors will be used for rehearsal singing and wherever possible we will have only front facing or back to back singing in rows. Where this is not possible we will try and maintain a 2m (1.5 m minimum) distance from each other.
  • Adult helpers will try, wherever possible, to maintain a 2m distance from the children. Where this is not possible e.g changing scenery or handing out props etc… a mask or visor will need to be worn
  • If a child needs to be administered with first aid disposable aprons and gloves and masks will be worn for the safety of both parties.
  • There is one toilet in operation at the moment in Crowshute, so we must try and keep toilet breaks to a minimum. We will wipe/spray hand contact points after each person has been in the room
  • Scripts and song words will be handed out at our first rehearsal. They must be named and brought to each session. Sharing scripts if you have forgotten yours will not be possible because of social distancing


  • At the end of the session please form an orderly distanced queue to sanitise hands and sign out. All parents please wait outside for your child.
  • The incoming or next bubble will need to wait outside until all members of the first bubble have left.
  •  I will try and be outside on the first Saturday back to meet new members and parents, therein after if a  parent needs to speak to a CLOKS helper/adult please text me (Maria) on 07743238805 and we can arrange a time before or after a session.
  • all personal rubbish is to be taken away at the end of the session.

Our aim at the moment is to get back to rehearsing for a recording/production at the start of December. A big production in the church with an audience looks unlikely at the moment but we will do our best to at least do something at the end of this term.

We will rehearse every Saturday  from now until the 5th December (NOT 31st October) in two separate group bubbles/sessions

Session 1 will run from 10.00 am to 11.15am

Session 2 will run from 11.30 am to 12.45 am

We will clean hand contact points, surfaces and the toilet at the start, in between and at the end of each session.

Bubble information will be sent to you via email, if you are unsure which Bubble you are in then please check. We will alternate the session time/bubbles so that the groups take it in turns to come earlier/later. If you cannot make a session then please let me know as soon as you can.

Week -1 Saturday 3rd October – 10.00 am session – Bubble 1

                                                         –  11.15 am session- Bubble 2

Week 2 Saturday 10th October- 10.00 am session- Bubble 2

                                                         – 11.15 am session- Bubble 1     

******And so on until the end of November when we will aim to record/perform (more details to follow)*****


If you have any questions or concerns either private message me on Face book, leave a comment on this post or email me on
I am really looking forward to seeing you all next week 🙂 take care.